Breaking Ground!

I wanted to give an update to our building project, which was so rudely interrupted by Covid this past week. Everyone is feeling better now, the heat wave is breaking, and plans are to get back to it today.

Although this particular building will not physically be part of the main living structure, we are building it in the same manner (Earth-bermed AirCrete) and we are considering it step one towards our forever home.

Logistically, it made more sense to get the Laboratory up and running first. Just as soon as this building is under cover, Mike will be able to set up his lab in short order and begin producing gourmet mushroom spores for home growers, generating a source of income to help fund the rest of our build.

Mike has the foam generator for the AirCrete all built and ready to go. There are some plans out there for a very basic, cheap generator, but with the sheer volume of work we are planning to do, and the fact that he wanted as much control over the quality of the finished product as possible, he decided to make the professional-grade generator. It was way more expensive to make, but it should serve our purposes very well. The ground is nearly level now. We will be ready to start on the footers soon. I am really excited to see the progress as this next dream for us begins to take shape.

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