When Manifestation Is Effortless

An Inauspicious Beginning

My days off are rare and very precious to me. So when I learned I had to give up a Thursday morning for some work-related computer training, I was less than pleased. However, my oldest son Mike offered to drive me out (work is an hour commute). He would drop me off, get the grocery shopping done, and we would hit some garage sales on the way home.

I always enjoy road trips with Mike. We are on the same page spiritually, and we have some really awesome conversations while we’re driving. So things were looking up; we had a plan to get some things done and have fun at the same time.

At 5:50 a.m., we left the homestead for the metropolis of West Plains. There is an intuitive Tarot card reader that I listen to on YouTube: Lotus Spirit Tarot. Shannon Colleen is incredibly gifted and a joy to listen to, and if you are so inclined, I encourage you to check her out. Anyway, she had a reading posted for Thursday, which explains the dominant energies of the day.

Setting The Tone For The Day

We started driving and decided to see what Shannon Colleen had to say. The entire reading kept bringing up the subject of abundance: Today would be a wonderfully abundant day, abundance will come to you in surprising and unexpected ways, etc. We were impressed and hopeful due to its positivity, but both of us wondered just how much abundance could come through a computer class, grocery shopping, and yard sales? She DID say surprising and unexpected though…

Abraham-Hicks teaches that manifestations occur more rapidly when there is less resistance to the thought of the manifestation. In this case, we really weren’t too concerned about whether or not we would actually see the abundance come. We were open to it, but not heavily invested in whether or not it happened. We were already anticipating a pleasant day, and we were content with that.

Perfect Timing

Mike dropped me off at my class and left to go grocery shopping. Class was painless, and over in 1.5 hours. I tried to get a hold of Mike, but he didn’t have WiFi. I enjoyed the warm sun on my skin for 10 minutes and Mike pulled up, all done with shopping and ready to hit a few yard sales (Family passion: Yard sales and auctions).

Away we go, lured by a neon green sign with clear writing, which led us to our first sale. It was several families in front of an empty school building. Promising.

Items Worthy of “The Look”

As Mike and I perused the tables, not overly impressed, we both suddenly stopped and gave each other “The Look.” It’s the look we give each other when we stumble across something awesome, but don’t want to give away our eagerness in anticipation of the haggling stage. Gotta be cool…! Mike and I have both determined that we need our own computers. Me for my blog and writing (borrowing the ex’s for now), and Mike for his future mushroom lab (edible and gourmet mushrooms/growing kits). Again, something we knew we needed, but simply left it up to the Universe to provide at the perfect time.

Cue the Angel Chorus and Golden Sunbeams

And did it ever provide! There before us, amongst baseball gloves and scattered books, was not one, but TWO Acer Aspire One notebooks, with the protective film still on them! No sticker. We find a lady to ask the price. She calls the owner. $15.00? We pretend to discuss whether or not to buy both, but we know damn well we aren’t leaving without the pair. Threw in a couple baseballs and a mitt for Gabe, and away we went, giggling like kids over our score.

We found a church sale next. Got a handful of fun things: Some movies, a dress, etc. Got to pet some adorable puppies, too.

Then suddenly, the sales dried up, and we hit a couple lousy ones. It happens. At this point, we decided to start heading towards home, figuring there would be a couple sales on the way. There were none. As we discussed the sudden disappearance of yard sales, we concluded that we had allowed ourselves to be led by the Universe with no expectations other than to enjoy each other’s company, and the path of least resistance led us to those notebooks.

Another amazing thing I realized was the money I made from attending that class paid for all our yard sale purchases, almost to the dollar.

The Fun Continues

We had the most awesome, deep, incredible conversation driving the back roads home. It was just so exciting and fun to see how the Universe worked to provide for what we had asked for. So many things had to come together and be timed perfectly for this to happen. I am amazed at how much Source cares about and provides for us.

So here I sit, feeling like John Boy Walton the day he got his typewriter. Mike, putting on his IT hat, tweaked up, reformatted, and did the magic he does to get me up and running. It’s an older, basic notebook, but it’s perfect for my needs: I can work on my blogs and my writing projects, take it anywhere, and it’s small with a nice keyboard. I am so grateful for the way it all worked out. I am also thankful that I was able to gift the other one to Mike for Father’s Day. Now he too has what he needs to keep moving forward with his lab plans.

I see the components of many long-held desires finally falling into place. This is an exciting time for me and my family, and we look forward to many more surprises and delights along the way.

Photo by Anete Lusina on Pexels.com

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