The Birth of Our Missouri Homestead

This lovely picture of my grandson and new puppy was taken four years ago. On that cold weekend, I was able to come home from my traveling nurse gig for a couple of days to experience the baby steps of the realization of our homesteading dream with my family! My grandson, my puppy, and my homestead have all grown since then.

I was travel nursing at Cox South Hospital in Springfield, MO, and the rest of the family rolled up to our overgrown 8 acres with only a well, a ramshackle garage, and an old converted school bus to live in. We spent many days huddled around a 55-gallon drum to keep warm.

It was also the week I brought home my best friend, Dobby. He spent many, many days snuggled up in a scarf under my jacket on my chest. Tornadic storms were a regular occurrence, creating a muddy paradise rivaling Woodstock, And the ticks! Our new property had been vacant and overgrown for years. We were disturbing the ticks’ habitat, and they were ravenous! That first weekend, my ex and I were with our 7-year old granddaughter. She walked through a tick hatch and was absolutely covered in pepper-sized ticks. We stripped her off in the driveway and started swatting the ticks away.

I had the benefit of going back to my travel job and living in a real building with heat, hot water, and electricity. My kids and grandkids were living a truly rugged life then. I guess to most people, we still are. Yet four years later, I am in awe of how much we have accomplished and how truly grateful I am for the life I have been blessed to live.

Sweet Luna joined our travels while I was working in Savannah, GA. I spent an absolutely incredible summer falling in love with Idaho, soaking in hot springs every other weekend, and camping out under the stars in the back of a pickup. And now at the beginning of Spring, my traveling shoes put away, I look at the Homestead we CREATED, and I am beyond dazzled. A greenhouse that I adore. The beautiful new-to-us tractor that in just a few weeks has turned this moderately sad-looking, very messy environment into the springboard for a glorious, beautiful, green productive homestead.

Planning our new home these past several months has been so much fun. Mike and I have spent countless hours poring over the plans he drew up, brainstorming new and exciting improvements. And as soon as Mike and Jenny’s tax refund gets here (9 weeks and counting!), we will buy all the tools and equipment we need, and get started on Phase 1 of the home we have been dreaming about since forever.

Looking forward to the busiest summer ever!

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