About Me

Wine, dirty hands, and tunes: Bliss!

Welcome, friends! I’m Sue, and this is my blog, The Zesty Bohemian. My grandparents were from Bohemia, Czechoslovakia, and that’s where the “Bohemian” part comes from.

The Zesty part is because I have purposed to live the second half of my life–give or take–with an “all-in” attitude. .

Getting ready for the big adventure!

My adult life has seen me and my family move an average of once a year. No place ever felt quite like “home.” Even now, homesteading at the same place for over 4 years (a record!), I am temporarily living in a 27′ camper with my ex, a couple dogs, and a port-a-john close by. Showers and laundry are at my son’s hand-built cabin and meals are prepared in the little shack kitchen attached to the back of the garage.

I have marched to the beat of a different drummer since forever. Once my most desperate wish, fitting in with “normal” society no longer matters to me, and I am embracing my unconventionality. Life is so much more fun this way! I am or have been a Homesteader, Reiki practitioner, homeschooling mom, unschooling gram-gram, later-in-life student, operating room nurse and travel dialysis nurse. I garden-passionately. I am deeply connected to my Soul when my hands are in the dirt. I live in a multi-generational household. I have followed and explored different spiritual paths. I have healed from deep wounds which had erroneously shaped my perception of myself for half a century.

I love writing, and I love Homesteading. Writing about my passions and working on this site have been a blast.

I’ve just purchased my first real, decent digital camera. So look for a greatly expanded gallery soon.

Peace to you!

Sue-The Zesty Bohemian

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